A Baker’s Dozen of Issues Facing Online Academic Journal Start-ups

Thomas Gould WJMCR 14 (March 2009) Introduction|Conclusions Abstract The rapid upsurge in online academic journal creation, publishing, and management has challenged researchers and universities. Much of the recent flurry of activity has occurred in reaction to rapidly rising costs for journals produced by for-profit publishing houses. Few guidelines and protocols have been created to assist online […]

Where’s Qualitative Research Going Online? Patterns of Methodology in Mass Communication, 1993-2003

Thomas Gould [WJMCR 8:2 March 2005] Sections: Research Hypotheses|Method|Results|Discussion|Conclusions Introduction The battle is as old as academia. One side is filled with the certainty of numbers; the other with the confidence of language. The battle is not at all confided to mass communication, but has ranged far and wide, from research into management1 to family therapy2 to tourism3 to […]

Online Communication Research in 33 Mass Communication Journals, 1993-2003

Thomas Gould [WJMCR 7:2 March 2004] Sections: Introduction|Research Questions|Method|Conclusions Introduction In a recent issue of Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Tomasello suggested that the Internet was not attracting the appropriate amount of attention from communication researchers.1 She came to no broad conclusions regarding the Internet-focused research articles she found in five major journals between 1994 and 1999, except […]

Working at Cross Purposes: The Shift in State Oversight of State Lottery Advertising

Thomas Gould [WJMCR 6:4 September 2003] Sections: Introduction|Research Questions|Methodology|Results|Discussion|Conclusions|Appendix Abstract Thirty-eight states and the District of Columbia have lotteries. They have $40 billion in sales annually. What is the role of state attorneys general in regulating lottery advertising. Two surveys of attorneys general show that they have four approaches: (1) represents the lottery commission in legal […]