Challenges for Human Information-Seeking Research In the Emerging Communication Environment

By Kathleen A. Hansen and Nora Paul WJMCR 44 (June 2013) Introduction | Human Factors | Research Factors | Case Lessons | Meeting the Challenges Abstract This paper discusses the challenges of understanding human information seeking from the framework of Case’s examination of thousands of studies and Hantula’s plea for “newer understanding of the wisdom of older theories.” This review of the opportunities, and […]

Online Communication Research in 33 Mass Communication Journals, 1993-2003

Thomas Gould [WJMCR 7:2 March 2004] Sections: Introduction|Research Questions|Method|Conclusions Introduction In a recent issue of Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Tomasello suggested that the Internet was not attracting the appropriate amount of attention from communication researchers.1 She came to no broad conclusions regarding the Internet-focused research articles she found in five major journals between 1994 and 1999, except […]

We Like It, We’re Doing It, But Do We Know What It Is (Yet)? An Exploratory Study of Integrated Marketing Communications

William N. Swain Olga Zatepilina Lisa Chmiola Qian Hua Lisa Moceri Payal Dev [WJMCR 4:4 September 2001] Sections:  Abstract|Introduction|Research Questions|MethodologyDiscussion |Findings |Conclusion Abstract The literature on integrated marketing communication (IMC) in the latter half of the 1990s offers evidence that a debate over the definition of the concept remains unresolved. A survey was conducted in 2001 to investigate perceptions of the status of […]