He Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune: Investigation of a Canadian Media Monopoly

Erin Steuter [WJMCR 7:4 September 2004] Sections: Introduction|Research Questions|Research Design|Discussion|Conclusions Abstract The Canadian Senate is concluding a national review on the state of the news media in Canada and questions are being raised about the need for new forms of regulation to protect diversity and a free press. This article examines a wealthy Canadian corporate empire […]

Revising Newspaper History: A Reframing of the Women�s Movement

Kimberly Voss [WJMCR 7:3 June 2004] Sections: Introduction|Method|Findings|Discussion Introduction The second wave of the women�s movement questioned the role of women in a patriarchal society. As historian Ruth Rosen wrote, �It took a women�s movement to address the many ways women felt exploited, to lend legitimacy to their growing sense of injustice, and to name and […]

Online Communication Research in 33 Mass Communication Journals, 1993-2003

Thomas Gould [WJMCR 7:2 March 2004] Sections: Introduction|Research Questions|Method|Conclusions Introduction In a recent issue of Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Tomasello suggested that the Internet was not attracting the appropriate amount of attention from communication researchers.1 She came to no broad conclusions regarding the Internet-focused research articles she found in five major journals between 1994 and 1999, except […]

The Market for Multichannel Video Programming Subscription Service in the United States

Noel D. Uri and Keith Brown [WJMCR 7:1 December 2003] Sections: Introduction|Theoretical Considerations|Conclusions|Appendix Abstract The objective of this study is to provide an assessment of the extent to which direct broadcast satellite service competes with cable television service for subscribers in the multichannel video programming subscription service market. After recounting some of the institutional characteristics of […]