When Newspaper Journalists Blog: Credibibility of News and Blogs Based on Readers Socio/Political Leaning

By Doreen Marchionni, Hans K. Meyer and Esther Thorson WJMCR 46 (February 2014) Introduction | Literature Review | Independent Variables | Dependent Variables | Results | Discussion | Conclusions Abstract Hostile-media-effects research suggests some news consumers identify in even the most even-handed news stories as against their own position. The present experiment searched for hostile media effects in people’s responses to news stories and blogs that were either […]

Are Blogs Changing the News Values of Newspaper Reporters?

By Mary Lou Sheffer and Brad Schultz WJMCR 16 (July 2009) Introduction|Research Questions|Method|Results|Discussion|Conclusion Abstract Traditional news outlets such as newspapers are incorporating blogs as part of their content in an effort to reach new audiences. Because blogs are typically opinionated and personal how newspapers present their blogs could indicate a shift from traditional journalism values. This […]

Newspapers and Their Online Editions: Factors that Influence Successful Integration

Bonnie Bressers and Robert Meeds WJMCR 10 (May 2007) Introduction|Literature Review|Hypotheses|Method|Results|Discussion Abstract As newspapers continue in the evolutionary process of optimally utilizing new information technologies to meet the myriad challenges of the day, they are struggling with issues of �clarifying� and �routinizing� the innovative technology as amplified by Rogers1 in his exploration of the innovation process organizations […]

Revising Newspaper History: A Reframing of the Women�s Movement

Kimberly Voss [WJMCR 7:3 June 2004] Sections: Introduction|Method|Findings|Discussion Introduction The second wave of the women�s movement questioned the role of women in a patriarchal society. As historian Ruth Rosen wrote, �It took a women�s movement to address the many ways women felt exploited, to lend legitimacy to their growing sense of injustice, and to name and […]

Women in Newspaper Newsroom Management: 1949 to 1979

Stephen Lacy, Lucinda Davenport, and Carolyn Miller [WJMCR 1:2 March 1998] Sections: Sections: Abstract | Introduction |Background| Method |Results | Discussion Abstract This study of the number of newspaper newsroom managers who were women found an overall trend of slow but steady growth during the 1950s and 1960s, with stagnation in the 1970s. The two-decade growth was prompted primarily […]