Media System Dependency Theory and Using the Internet for In-depth, Specialized Information

Daniel Riffe, Stephen Lacy, and Miron Varouhakis WJMCR 11 (January 2008) Introduction|Literature Review|Research Questions|Method|Results|Conclusions Abstract This national survey found that a notable percentage of people depend on the Internet as a valued source of in-depth information about health, science, and business. Between 31% and 50% of the respondents said they use the Internet weekly for in-depth […]

International News Coverage in Local Japanese Newspapers

Hiromi Cho and Stephen Lacy [WJMCR 2:2 March 1999] Sections: Abstract|Introduction|Literature Review|Method|Results|Discussion Abstract International news coverage accounted for slightly more than 7% of the news in 48 Japanese local newspapers during this six-month period, which was greater than the percentage found in earlier studies of U.S. newspapers. Although the majority of international news space was devoted to hard […]

Women in Newspaper Newsroom Management: 1949 to 1979

Stephen Lacy, Lucinda Davenport, and Carolyn Miller [WJMCR 1:2 March 1998] Sections: Sections: Abstract | Introduction |Background| Method |Results | Discussion Abstract This study of the number of newspaper newsroom managers who were women found an overall trend of slow but steady growth during the 1950s and 1960s, with stagnation in the 1970s. The two-decade growth was prompted primarily […]