How U.S. Television Stations are Responding to Digital Conversion

Brad Schultz [WJMCR 5:3 June 2002] Sections:  Introduction|Theory|Results|Discussion|Limitations|Conclusion Introduction According to the Federal Communications Commission and other important industry stakeholders, the transition to digital television continues to move forward full steam ahead. As of January 2003, for example, the FCC indicated that 94% of eligible U.S. television stations had been granted a digital construction permit or […]

The Forgotten Battles: Congressional Hearings on Television Violence in the 1950s

Keisha L. Hoerrner [WJMCR 2:3 June 1999] Sections:  Abstract|Introduction|Conclusion Abstract Although Congress has been interested in television violence for more than four decades, little scholarly attention focuses on its first actions. This article looks at the 1952, 1954, and 1955 hearings, which laid the foundation for every subsequent congressional hearing on the issue, as well as […]