Hispanic Students and Social Networking

By Ben Wasike and John A. Cook WJMCR 25 (October 2010) Introduction | Literature Review | Theory | Social Effects | Research Questions | Method | Results | Discussion Abstract Social networking sites have surged in popularity lately, the most popular being MySpace and Facebook. Between them these two have more than 360 million registered users worldwide. Never before have so many people gathered to communicate through a single medium, […]

The Association between Television Viewing and College Students’ Perceptions, Attitudes, and Behaviors Regarding Alcohol Use

Linda Godbold Kean and Kelly Fudge Albada [WJMCR 5:2 March 2002] Abstract|Introduction|Research Study|Method|Results|Conclusion Abstract Past content analyses indicate that alcohol consumption on television is frequent and glamorized. Moreover, previous research confirms a negative influence on adolescent viewers, though the evidence for college students is mixed. This study involved a survey designed to investigate college students’ television […]