Does Reputation Management Reap Rewards? A Path Analysis of Corporate Reputation Advertising’s Impacts on Brand Attitudes and Purchase Decisions

Jongmin Park, Lisa Lyon and Glen T. Cameron [WJMCR 4:1 December 2000] Sections:  Abstract|Introduction|Analysis and Results|Conclusion Abstract Claims are made for the importance of corporate reputation as essential to the effective, integrated marketing of a company’s branded products. Based on the Elaboration Likelihood and Combined-Effects Models of persuasion theory, an experiment was conducted to examine the […]

Fess up or Stonewall? An Experimental Test of Prior Reputation and Response Style in the Face of Negative News Coverage

Lisa Lyon and Glen T. Cameron, Ph.D. [WJMCR 1:4 September 1998] Sections: Abstract | Introduction |Hypotheses| Method |Results | Discussion |Conclusion|Appendix Abstract A fully counterbalanced, within-subjects experiment addressed fundamental questions about the value of corporate reputation. The 2 (good vs. bad reputation) x 2 (apologetic vs. defensive) design also compared apologetic and defensive responses to negative news about […]