Interactivity as Super-variable: Defintions, Dimensions, Mediators, and Implications for Theory

By Bartosz W. Wojdynski WJMCR 30 (March 2011) Introduction | Interactivity’s Role| Defining Interactivity | Conceptualizations | Measurement | Models | Discussion | Conclusion Abstract In research about the World Wide Web, interactivity is an important variable. However, it has been defined in a number of different ways. Some definitions emphasize the user, while others emphasize the stimulus. Recent theoretical models have identified other variables which may moderate or […]

Interactivity and Public Opinion Leadership

By Ji won Kim and Joonseok Choi WJMCR 26 (November 2010) Introduction | Literature Review | Hypotheses and Research Questions | Method | Results | Discussion | Conclusion | Appendixes Abstract Recently, the arrest of “Minerva” has been one of the most fervently debated subjects online and offline throughout South Korea. A person known as “Minerva”, the username for Daum Agora, was recently arrested for writing about the worsening global […]