Interactivity as Super-variable: Defintions, Dimensions, Mediators, and Implications for Theory

By Bartosz W. Wojdynski WJMCR 30 (March 2011) Introduction | Interactivity’s Role| Defining Interactivity | Conceptualizations | Measurement | Models | Discussion | Conclusion Abstract In research about the World Wide Web, interactivity is an important variable. However, it has been defined in a number of different ways. Some definitions emphasize the user, while others emphasize the stimulus. Recent theoretical models have identified other variables which may moderate or […]

Shifting Circles: Reconceptualizing Shoemaker and Reese’s Theory of a Hierarchy of Influences on Media Content for a Newer Media Era

By Susan Keith WJMCR 29 (February 2011) Introduction | Gatekeeping Roots | Hierarchy of Influences | Reconceptualizing | Conclusion Abstract Drawing on Merrill Morris and Christine Ogan’s 1996 call for researchers to pursue theoretically grounded approaches to the Internet’s “many different configurations of communication,” this article considers two ways in which  Shoemaker and  Reese’s model of a hierarchy of influences on media content might […]