Engaging in Risk-involved Online Activities: Recognizing the Impact of Knowledge and Experience

By Hye Jin Yoon WJMCR 19 (April 2010) Introduction|Background|Demographic Factors|Hypotheses|Discussion Abstract Purchasing, sharing and downloading online are considered risk-involved online activities, due to concerns of privacy violations and virus infections. The current study seeks to identify factors that distinguish individuals who engage in these three activities from those who do not. Through logistic regression of data […]

Analysis of Risks and Opportunities in Journalism in Poland: The Example of the Lublin Region

Lidia Pokrzycka [WJMCR 8:3 June 2005] Sections: Research Questions|Methods|Results|Conclusions Introduction The Lublin region1 in Poland is characterized by a low level of economic growth, poor investment in enterprise, and a very low investment appeal of the province for international capital. A positive feature is the location of the Lublin province on the East�West transit route (at the […]