Online Environmental Risk Information Seeking Via North Carolina’s Urban-Rural Divide

By Laurie Phillips, Daniel Riffe and Robert McKeever WJMCR 47 (June 2014) Introduction | The Digital Divide | Specialized Information | Environmental Risk | Hypotheses | Method | Discussion and Conclusion Abstract Using statewide telephone survey data from North Carolinians (N=406), this digital divide study oversampled rural households to explore urban rural differences in Internet access, use, and […]

News Coverage of Environmental Risks: Subjective Knowledge, Personal Efficacy and Perceived Usefulness of Different Media

By Brooke Weberling, Jennette Lovejoy and Daniel Riffe  WJMCR 40 (February 2011) Introduction | Previous Research | Theoretical Framework | Research Questions and Hypotheses | Method | Findings | Discussion and Conclusion Abstract Telephone survey data (N=511) are used to explore relationships among exposure, attention, and usefulness of online, newspaper, and television environmental news; subjective knowledge; personal efficacy; and environmental risk. Correlations show exposure to online environmental news was […]