Still Photos With Sound

By Michelle I. Seelig WJMCR 23 (August 2010) Introduction|Background|Media Entertainment|Research Questions|Procedures|Findings|Discussion and Conclusion Abstract Whether for a news website or for personal use, the Web allows for the opportunity to tell stories in unique and compelling ways unimaginable in print, such as photo slideshows, photo galleries, flash videos, QuickTime movies, etc. Just as static images may […] Exploring the Function of Church Web Sites

By Shonna L. Tropf and Joe Moore WJMCR 21 (June 2010) Introduction|Literature Review|Methodology|Results|Discussion Abstract The world depends on technology to aid in communication as never before, especially the Internet. Churches are no exception. While many churches across the U.S. have willingly embraced technology, others have resisted. This paper explores the function and role of church Web […]