Restrictions on Journalistic Freedom in The Regional and Local Polish Press, As Exemplified by the Lublin Region

By Lidia Pokrzycka WJMCR 38 (November 2011) Press Law | Lawsuits | Journalists’ Associations | Methods | Results | Conclusion Abstract The Constitution of Poland guarantees freedom of expression, but the guarantee really protects publishers, but not journalists.  An online survey of journalists in the Lublin Region of Poland shows that social pressures and concern about status in the profession constitute significant constraints on newspaper reporting […]

Wag the Press: How Changes in U.S. Foreign Policy Toward China Were Reflected in Prestige Press Coverage of China, 1979 vs. 1997

Dennis T. Lowry and Zaigui Wang [WJMCR 3:1 January 2000] Sections:  Abstract|Introduction|Theoretical framework and hypothesesMethod|Results|Discussion Abstract This study used content analysis to compare the news coverage of four U.S. prestige newspapers of the state visits of Chinese Vice-Premier Deng Xiaoping in 1979 and Chinese President Jiang Zemin in 1997. The results showed that news coverage of Deng’s visit […]