News Coverage of Environmental Risks: Subjective Knowledge, Personal Efficacy and Perceived Usefulness of Different Media

By Brooke Weberling, Jennette Lovejoy and Daniel Riffe  WJMCR 40 (February 2011) Introduction | Previous Research | Theoretical Framework | Research Questions and Hypotheses | Method | Findings | Discussion and Conclusion Abstract Telephone survey data (N=511) are used to explore relationships among exposure, attention, and usefulness of online, newspaper, and television environmental news; subjective knowledge; personal efficacy; and environmental risk. Correlations show exposure to online environmental news was […]

Shifting Circles: Reconceptualizing Shoemaker and Reese’s Theory of a Hierarchy of Influences on Media Content for a Newer Media Era

By Susan Keith WJMCR 29 (February 2011) Introduction | Gatekeeping Roots | Hierarchy of Influences | Reconceptualizing | Conclusion Abstract Drawing on Merrill Morris and Christine Ogan’s 1996 call for researchers to pursue theoretically grounded approaches to the Internet’s “many different configurations of communication,” this article considers two ways in which  Shoemaker and  Reese’s model of a hierarchy of influences on media content might […]