The Web Journal of Mass Communication Research

1. FOCUS: We have narrowed the journal’s focus to Web related communication themes. This change reflects our view that the Web is shaping mass communication in ways far greater than we anticipated when we launched the journal in 1997. While several of the articles we’ve published to date feature the Web as a central theme of the research, henceforth all articles we publish will share this singular aspect. Toward this end, we are extending a call for manuscripts that examine the role of the Web in communication. We also are providing a semi-regular column that summarizes and points out important Web-related communication research published in other journals in our field. Editors and authors are invited to notify us of such articles.*

2. NUMBERING + DATE SYSTEM: Beginning with Volume 9 each issue is numbered the next number in the sequence, and the date of each issue is the month/year we posted the article.

3. SUBMISSIONS: In the past our stated policy was to accept only hard copy for submissions. In recent years we have been accepting electronic submissions. The new policy is to accept either electronic* or hard copy submissions.

4. DOMAIN NAME: We have acquired the domain, significantly shortening the URL for the journal.**



6. RSS: We have added an rss feed, making it easy to track new postings.